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Journal of International Development Cooperation. Vol. 15, No. 2, 2020

An Analysis of ROK's ODA Researches and Projects Using Text Network Analysis
텍스트네트워크 분석을 활용한 국내 ODA 연구경향과 사업유형 분석
J Int Dev Coop 2020;15(2):1-26.
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Impact of Aid for Trade on Economic Development: An Empirical Analysis of Developing Nations’ Export and Export Diversification
무역을 위한 원조의 경제 발전에 대한 효과: 개발도상국의 수출과 교역 다변화에 대한 실증 분석
J Int Dev Coop 2020;15(2):27-46.
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Perilous Return to Homeland: The Experiences among Dispatched Workers for International Development Cooperation during the COVID-19 Outbreak
코로나19 확산에 따른 개발협력 현장파견인력의 임시귀국과 적응에 관한 탐색적 연구
J Int Dev Coop 2020;15(2):47-78.
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Factors Influencing the Success of Farmers’ Community Group for Rural Agricultural Development in Bali Province, Indonesia
J Int Dev Coop 2020;15(2):79-112.
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A Comparative Study of Agricultural Products Wholesale Markets in the Philippines and South Korea for Future Development Planning
J Int Dev Coop 2020;15(2):113-139.
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Improving Korea’s Climate Finance for Developing Countries: Policy Analysis of the Management of Climate-Related Development Finance (CRDF)
J Int Dev Coop 2020;15(2):141-185.
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