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Journal of International Development Cooperation. Vol. 17, No. 2, 2022

Development Aid and Vitalization of International Development Consulting Industry in Korea
한국의 개발원조와 개발컨설팅 산업 활성화
J Int Dev Coop 2022;17(2):3-29.
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Family Context Matters: Exploring Family Environmental Factors That Influence the Development and Performance of Religio-Cultural Menstrual Practices in Far-West Nepal
J Int Dev Coop 2022;17(2):31-77.
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Approach for Higher Education Reform by International Organizations and the Reaction of Latin America
J Int Dev Coop 2022;17(2):79-102.
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Development Process of KOICA Evaluation System and Future Tasks
KOICA 평가 체계 발전 과정과 향후 과제
J Int Dev Coop 2022;17(2):105-120.
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