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Journal of International Development Cooperation. Vol. 16, No. 2, 2021

Implementation Framework of KOICA’s Human Rights-based Development Cooperation Programming
KOICA 인권기반 개발협력 프로그램 시행방안 연구
J Int Dev Coop 2021;16(2):3-29.
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Role of Digital Technology in Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals: Focus on the Efforts of the International Community
J Int Dev Coop 2021;16(2):31-57.
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Improvement of Communicable and Non-Communicable Disease Awareness in South Tarawa, Kiribati: Survey Results on the Hygiene Awareness and Health Behaviors of Local Village Leaders
키리바시 사우스타라와 현지 마을 지도자의 전염성 및 비전염성 질환 인식 개선: 위생인식 및 건강행태 설문조사와 반구조화된 심층면담 결과를 중심으로
J Int Dev Coop 2021;16(2):61-76.
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Effect of Parental Education on Child’s Schooling: A Case Study on Malawi’s Primary and Secondary School Children
J Int Dev Coop 2021;16(2):77-106.
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Impact of Saemaul Movement in Community Participation on Indonesia Village Fund Program in Tanjungwangi Village, Indonesia
J Int Dev Coop 2021;16(2):107-149.
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The Impact of Flood Damage on Farmers, Agricultural Sector and Food Security in Laos: A Regional Case Study of Champhone District, Savannaket Province
J Int Dev Coop 2021;16(2):151-170.
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