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The Challenge of SDG16.1 – Can We Halve Global Violence?

David Steven1, Rachel Locke2, Soomin Lee3
1Associate Director, Center on International Cooperation
2Head of Research, SDG16.1, Center on International Cooperation
3Program Associate, Center on International Cooperation

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Published Online: Apr 01, 2019


SDG16+ includes 36 targets from eight Sustainable Development Goals (here in after referred to as SDGs) that aim to build more peaceful, just and inclusive societies. While the SDG16+ targets apply to all countries, they draw attention to the needs of people, communities, and societies at greatest risk of being left behind due to violence, injustice, exclusion, and poor governance. SDG16.1 promises to significantly reduce all forms of violence everywhere. While the number of violent deaths will increase by 10% by 2030 on current trends, the evidence suggests that conflict and non-conflict violence can be successfully prevented. Urgent action is needed to reduce the risk of conflict and to focus prevention on violence hotspots in cities. Longer-term efforts will transform harmful gender norms and make societies safer for women, children, and young people to live in. Those working on the prevention of different forms of violence should unite behind a common effort to implement SDG16.1.

Keywords: SDG16.1; SDG16+; Reduce Violence; Peaceful; Just and Inclusive Societies