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UNDP DRC's Interventions for Sustaining Peace and Operationalisation of Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus in the DRC

United Nations Development Programme, Democratic Republic of Congo (UNDP DRC Office)1
1UNDP DRC Office

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Published Online: Apr 01, 2019


The humanitarian response has brought much relief to the plight and suffering of the affected Congolese people. However, despite significant humanitarian interventions for the last two decades, the living conditions of the populations affected by the crises remain difficult. Thus, while recognising the achievements of humanitarian interventions, it has emerged the need for an integrated, inclusive and coordinated approach to gradually transform the dividends of humanitarian action into sustainable recovery, capacity for resilience and development opportunities. It is this imperative that responds to the Nexus, which is understood as a set of structured and coordinated interventions led by the actors involved in the Humanitarian, Development and Peace continuum, based on a joint multi-year program, which allow achieve sustainable collective results, with a low residual risk of falling back into the previous situation.

In this context, this note presents the United Nations Development Programme in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s (UNDP DRC) interventions for Sustaining Peace and the operationalisation of Nexus with proposed Nexus pilots in the context of DRC. The first section presents how Development Planning Support including New Deal contributes to Sustaining Peace. The second analyses the interventions of UNDP and its partners. The third explores the operationalisation of the Nexus in the DRC and the latter notes the opportunities for partnership on the Nexus Pilots.

Keywords: Operationalisation of Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus; United Nations Development Programme (UNDP); Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)