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이태리 원조현황

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Published Online: Apr 01, 2019

1. 원조목적

∙이태리 개발원조체계는 1987년에 제정된 법률(Law No.49 of 1987)에 기초하고 있음

- 개발협력의 목적

◆ UN 헌장에 의거, 인간화합과 인권실현을 추구함

“Development cooperation is an integral part of Italian foreign policy and pursues the ideals of solidarity among peoples, seeking the fulfillment of fundamental human rights, in accordance with the principles sanctioned by the United Nations and EEC-ACP(African, Caribean and Pacific States) conventions”

- 구체적 목표(specific aims)

① 기본욕구 충족(satisfying basic needs)

② 인간생활 보호(safeguarding human life)

③ 식량 자급자족(encouraging food self-sufficiency)

④ 인력자원 확충(enhancing human resources)

⑤ 환경보전(environmental conservation)

⑥ 자주적인 경제.사회.문화 발전 촉진(promoting self-reliant economic, social and cultural development)

∙1995년 범부처간 경제계획위원회(Interministerial Committee on Economic Plannig, CIPE)는 「신 개발협력 정책 가이드라인(Guidelines for a New Policy on Development Cooperation)을 발표함