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Journal of International Development Cooperation. Vol. 8, No. 4, 2013

개발협력 이슈
China's Foreign Aid: - History, Current Situation and Challenges -
J Int Dev Coop 2013;8(4):11-28.
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Changing Orientation of Japan’s Official Development Assistance: - Characteristics and Challenges -
J Int Dev Coop 2013;8(4):29-63.
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Japan’s ODA Policy and Reforms since the 1990s and Role in the New Era of Development Cooperation
J Int Dev Coop 2013;8(4):64-94.
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Characteristics of Korean ODA Allocation by Sector and Type: - Focusing on Comparison with Other DAC Donors -
J Int Dev Coop 2013;8(4):95-119.
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Can There Be An East Asian Donor Model? A Comparative Study of South Korea, China and Japan
J Int Dev Coop 2013;8(4):120-137.
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새마을 운동 ODA 현황과 전망: - 이론적 논의와 사업 확대방안을 중심으로 -
J Int Dev Coop 2013;8(4):141-162.
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개발도상국 개발을 위한 해외 이주 노동자 송금(remittance)
J Int Dev Coop 2013;8(4):163-176.
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개수단 주혈흡충사업이 보건의료 ODA 사업에 주는 교훈: - 수단 주혈흡충사업 중간평가 결과 -
J Int Dev Coop 2013;8(4):179-199.
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‘가정폭력’은 ‘개발협력’ 이슈인가?: - 젠더기반폭력과 현황 -
J Int Dev Coop 2013;8(4):200-221.
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여수프로젝트 성과로 본 해양수산 ODA 시사점
J Int Dev Coop 2013;8(4):222-238.
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개발협력 평가
CPS 성과관리를 위한 국별 평가방안 연구
J Int Dev Coop 2013;8(4):241-258.
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