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Journal of International Development Cooperation. Vol. 17, No. 1, 2022

Multidimensional Performance Index for Inclusive Adolescence Education Program: A Case Study using Alkire-Foster Method in World Vision’s International Development Cooperation
알키레-포스터 방법론(Alkire-Foster Method)을 적용한 국제개발협력 청소년 통합교육 사업의 다측면적 성과지수 개발연구: 월드비전 청소년 통합교육 사업 적용사례
J Int Dev Coop 2022;17(1):3-22.
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Sustainable Development ODA and Green ODA Trends for DAC and Korea
DAC(Development Assistance Committee)와 한국의 지속가능발전 ODA 및 녹색 ODA 추이 비교
J Int Dev Coop 2022;17(1):23-46.
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Limiting Factors Affecting the Value-Adding Capacity of Young Agripreneurs in the Philippines
J Int Dev Coop 2022;17(1):47-72.
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Public Officials and Operators’ Perceptions on the Implementation of the Four Modern Rice Processing Complexes (KOICA RPCs) in the Philippines: An Evaluation Study
J Int Dev Coop 2022;17(1):73-100.
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